Circuiteer II Horse Livestock Blower

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Circuiteer II Horse Livestock Blower

Circuiteer II Horse Livestock Blower is one of the most popular livestock blowers on the market. The two motors give you the versatility of a low power and high power blower in one compact unit. The Circuiteer II makes a great blow-off machine for dusty workplaces.

  • Portable & lightweight yet heavy-duty
  • 15′ Hose
  • Blower Tip
  • Filter
  • 120 Volts 18.5 Amps
  • 120 Volt Outlet for Clippers
  • Works great as cattle blowers.
  • Choice of one motor for delicate jobs or two motors for more blowing power.
  • Ideal for blowing leaves from your yard, debris off your walk or driveway, cleaning equipment, shops, and barns.
  • Excellent for personal blow-off stations in all types of industry because it’s not compressed air.
  • Perfect for drying water spots off automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Cuts your dry time in half to speed up your grooming time.

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Quality Workmanship
The average length of service by manufacturing and assembly employees is 15 years. They are experienced and care about the quality of their work.

Pledge of Service
The company feels strongly about the design and construction of these units perfected with over thirty years of experience in design / production of grooming equipment. Should you experience a problem with equipment, return the unit promptly and we’ll repair it.

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